Profile of the Foundation

  The Nagai Foundation Tokyo was founded on October 25, 1986 in commemoration of Prof. Tsuneji Nagai receiving the 1986 Hoest-Madsen Medal from FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) as the first for Japanese. The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology officially approved the Foundation as a government-licensed international one on January 28, 1994 and additionally as a specified non-profit organization for the benefit of the public on November 29, 1996 for the purpose of promoting international exchange in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Date of establishment approved: January 28, 1994

Competent authority: Cabinet of Japan ( from April, 2012)

In order to achieve the purposes, the Foundation shall engage in the following undertakings:
(1) Support of international joint or individual basic and applied research (Research Grant)
(2) Support of sending abroad and inviting from oversees researchers, practitioners and students (Travel Grant)
(3) Organizing and supporting international scientific conferences. (Conference Grant)
(4) Rewarding individuals who have achieved notable success (International Award), and Grant for Special organizations (Award Grant)
(5) Grant for future scientist and pharmacist( Pre-doctoral Fellowship, Grant for future scientist and practioner)
(6) Any other undertakings necessary for the achievement of the Foundation's purposes

List of Recipients of Major Awards

International Award
Prof. Toshio Nambara, Tohoku University, Japan, September 1994.
Prof. Richard C. Mulligan, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Children's Hospital, and Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School, USA, March/April 1997.
Prof. Robert. S. Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA., June 1998.
Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1987, ISIS, Universite' Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg and Professor, Colle`ge de France, Paris, September 2000.
Prof. Louis J. Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1998, University of California at Los Angeles, USA, October 2004.
Prof. William I. Higuchi, University of Utah, USA, May 2012.
Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2010, Herbert C. Brown Distinguished Professor Purdue University, USA., September 2013.
Dr. Michel BuchmannAPresident of International Pharmaceutical FederationAMay, 2014


CRS Nagai Innovation Award
Dr. Hiroaki Okada, Takeda Chemical Industries, Japan, July 2000.
Dr. Hajime Toguchi, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, Japan, July 2000.
Dr. Alejandro Zafforoni, ALZA Corporation, USA, June 2001.
Prof. Robert. S. Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, July 2002.
Prof. Hiroshi Maeda, University of Kumamoto, Japan, July 2003.
Dr. Danny H. Lewis, Expression Genetics, USA, July 2004.
Dr. J. Milton Harris, Huntsville, AL 35806, USA, June 2005.
Prof. Teruo Okano, Tokyo Womenfs Medical University, Tokyo, Japan, July 2006
Dr. John S. Palton, Nektar Therapeutics, USA, July 2007

CRS Nagai Postdoctoral Research Achievement Award
Dr. Khaled Gresh/Prof. Hiroshi Maeda, Sojo University Japan, July 2008
Dr. Shirui Mao/Prof. Thomas Kissel, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China, July 2009
Dr. Sang Kyoon Kim /Prof. Leaf Huang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, July 2010
Dr. Christopher Jewell/ Prof. Darrel Irvine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, July 2011
Dr. Arun lyer/Prof. Manssor Amiji, Northeastern University, USA, July 2012
Dr Shawn C. Owen / Prof. Molly S. Shoichet, University of Toront, Canada, July 2013
Dr. Lin Zhu/ Prof. V.P.Torchilin, Texas A&M University, July 2014
Dr. Gaurav Sahay/Prof. R. Langer and Prof. D. Anderson, MIT, USA, July 2015
Prof. Koen Raemdonck/Prof. Stefaan C. De Smedt, Ghent University, Belgium, 2016


APSTJ Nagai International Woman Scientist Award
Prof. Kathleen M Giacomoni, University of California at San Francisco, USA, May 2007
Prof. Emi Nakashima, Keio University, Japan, 2008
Prof. Ruth Duncan, Cardiff University, UK, May 2009
Prof. Teruko Imai, Kumamoto University, Japan, May 2010
Prof. Diane Burgess, University of Connecicut, USA May 2011
Prof. Kiyomi Ito, Musashino University, Japan, May 2012
Prof. Emeritus Dominique, Duchêne, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université de Paris , France, May 2013.
Dr. Chikako Yomota, Pharamceutical and Medical Devices Agency, May 2014
Prof. Margareta Hammarlund-Udenas, Uppsala University, Sweden, May 2015
Prof. Carmen Pena Lpez, President of International Pharmaceutical Federation, Spain, May 2016
Prof. Maymni Mochizuki, Keio University, Japann, May 2016



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All Rights Reserved, Copyright(C) The Nagai Foundation Tokyo
All Rights Reserved, Copyright(C) The Nagai Foundation Tokyo